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"We are committed to providing effective, evidence-based, & individually customized Therapy & counseling."

"This Is The First Step To Change, Growth, And A More Meaningfully Balanced Life That You Will Be Excited To Live!"

What to expect in therapy & Counseling Sessions

  • The work we do will be tailored to your needs. I do not believe in a “one size fits all” treatment and we will determine what the best plan is for you! 
  • Therapy will help you approach your concerns in new ways. You will learn new skills, gain different perspectives, be listened to without judgment or expectations, and be encouraged to self-reflect on a deeper level. 
  • The therapist-client relationship is important and finding the right fit is key. I value your health and will prioritize your well-being during this process. Beginning therapy can be overwhelming for some & I hope to make it as comfortable as I can for you!
  • Sessions typically occur once a week for 50-minutes until you feel stable and have made progress toward your goals. 
  • It is okay if you are unsure of your therapy goals. We will work together to help you identify areas that you’d like to focus on.

  • Together, we will determine what actions & “homework” will be helpful for you to focus on between our meetings.
  • At any time, we can discuss frequency of therapy and whether to meet more or less than once per week based on need, time, and therapeutic goals.
Initial Consultation
Whether it be by phone call, email, or a complimentary in-person meeting; we will briefly discuss your interest in therapy prior to a first session. I will answer any questions you may have & help you determine if we would be a good match for your goals.
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1st Appointment
We call this the 'Intake Session'. This is a 50-minute meeting where we will complete necessary paperwork, discuss your current concerns, review history, and specify goals for therapy.
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2nd Appointment & Beyond
We will continue to meet for 50-min sessions (typically weekly at first) as we work through a customized therapy plan to meet your personal goals. We will address current concerns, reduce symptoms, increase understanding & awareness, identify obstacles, and put your plan into action as you move towards internal balance & increased wellness.
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It is difficult to predict an exact timeline for therapy. It will differ for each person, depending on personal goals, readiness for therapy, & current concerns. We will assess your therapy plan as you progress, making any changes as needed. We are client-focused, with you being the priority, and will tailor our approach accordingly.
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How Do I know if therapy will be helpful?

Whatever brought you here, it shows acknowledgement that we are human and awareness of our ability to work through our pains. It takes courage to recognize that additional help is needed and to try something different than you may be used to. Take a moment and appreciate your bravery; this is you trying something new, something you may not have thought about before!

I believe we all experience pain in life; what’s important is to identify the healthiest ways to manage it and how to stay present. We can learn to channel our energy into valued living and be productive with our pain. I hope to encourage you to embrace life’s challenges, using your own strengths and internal resources, to move in the direction of growth and valued living. My intention is to provide a safe and motivating space to nurture insight, confidence, and readiness to take action in your life; to build a life you are proud of and inspired to live. 

If you don’t know where you’re going, all paths lead there.

– proverb

Therapy helps you gain insight into past, present, and future challenges that are keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns that you hope to change. It is very different from just figuring it out on your own or talking to family and friends.

As an experienced mental health professional I will use my expertise and training, with the latest science has to offer, to get a full understanding of the struggles and barriers in your life. Therapy is a confidential, safe, and effective space where you can actually change the neural pathways in your brain, making them function more adaptively. Evidence shows that regardless of the type of struggle, therapy seems to work by helping us learn how to better live with what’s inside, so life is more meaningful on the outside!

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