Single-session Therapy

What if you could benefit from a 90-minute, one time, Therapy session?

Single-session therapy focuses on your current strength and skills, helping you identify and practice things you can do to get yourself unstuck Now!

What is Single-Session Therapy?

Single-Session Therapy (SST) is an innovative approach similar to Brief consultation therapy, and uses techniques from evidence based, solution-focused interventions. SST follows a treatment plan targeting a specific problem, using your current strengths and resources, in one 90-minute session.

This approach to treatment may not be the best fit for everyone; however, it can be very helpful for those that are struggling with a specific concern, symptom, or have a specific goal for themselves. The best way to determine if single-session therapy would work for you is to contact me for your complimentary 15-minute consultation!

In a single-session approach, we will make the most of the session, following a structured format with a specific goal in mind. Our focus will be on exploring your current strengths and skills and how these can be applied to your current situation. In this day and age, traditional therapy is not necessary and effective for all. While traditional therapy has numerous benefits and is the best approach for many, a single-session approach can be useful for those who are generally doing well and have a specific concern they would like to address. The value and support of a mental health professional can be gained in 90 minutes!     

Research shows that attending one session can sometimes be enough to jump start the process of changing your life. If something is going on that is getting in the way of your ideal functioning, causing you stress, or impacting your life balance, Single-Session Therapy can help you figure out how to navigate it or move forward. Many people find that one session is all they need to help with a current challenge or to process a significant life change. Single-session therapy is not focused on digging at the roots of issues and working through past history, it is focused on gaining immediate, helpful insights, and arriving at actionable next steps. If you find yourself interested in additional sessions following SST, we will tailor your plan accordingly.

Is Single-session therapy for me?

Single-session therapy (SST) may be for you if you:

  • Already know what your issue is, but are having a tough time figuring out what to do next.
  • Are facing a challenging problem or conflict and aren’t sure how to resolve it.
  • Are typically action-oriented and are looking for solutions you can implement now.

SST is cost-effective, time-efficient, and flexible. We focus on the “here and now” and do not delve much into past or future concerns. This can be seen as both a pro and a con as processing the past can be time consuming; however, deep work can be meaningful and gratifying when it is needed and the time is right.

SST is not less effective than or a “cheaper” substitute for traditional individual therapy. It is simply a different approach and plan to address a specific concern you have. If you are interested in SST please contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation. I will help you determine if a single-session would be helpful for you!

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