We do our best work when we are passionate about what we do!

Anxiety, life changes, body Image & Food Struggles, mindfulness, & Personal Development are all areas that I have significant experience in & passion for!

Anxiety &
Stress Management

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, out of control? Do you appear to have it all together, but deep down you're filled with worry?

Life Changes &
Finding Balance

Uncertain of what the future holds? Feeling out of balance or unlike your usual self? Having difficulty adjusting to change?

Mindfulness &

Having difficulty being present? Unsure of what you want from life? Feeling like time is just racing by?

Food, Feelings, &
Body Image

Uncomfortable in your own body? Desperate to feel in control? Is food, weight, or body image running your life?

Self-Esteem &

Are you your own worst critic? Pressured by societal or family expectations? Do you practice self-compassion?

Relationships &
Finding Connection

Feeling lonely? Navigating a significant change in relationships? Looking to enhance your social life or build healthier connections?

Feeling "Out of Sync"?

The beauty and difficulty of us human beings is that we are made up of complex, intricate systems. Not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. When feeling out of sync, you may feel overwhelmed, confused, lost, anxious, and/or depressed. The tricky thing is that when we experience emotions, particularly difficult and uncomfortable ones, they usually don’t just come up one at a time. Often, many thoughts, emotions, and worries will flood in at the same time and may impact a different combination of life areas for each person. This can have a domino effect on other parts of life, that may be seemingly unrelated, and eventually create imbalance in multiple areas. This includes, but is not limited to, areas of emotional health, physical health, relationships, work, money, spirituality, nutrition, weight, and sleep.

I share this not to overwhelm you, but to help you understand that mental/emotional health looks different for everyone and doesn’t always fit into a clean-cut category. My job is to help you understand what’s going on, what’s getting in your way, and how to get where you want to be.

Trained As A Generalist, I Appreciate All Aspects Of Mental & Emotional Health; However, I Have Specialized In Certain Areas Over The Years.

If you would like to work with me, but don’t think your concerns and goals fit into one of the above specialties, this does not exclude you. Please feel free to schedule a consultation with me. I would love to speak with you further and determine if we would be a good fit to work together!

Psychology: the study of the mind, emotion, & behavior

Specialization doesn’t have to take years of your life to accomplish. There are many benefits to having a generalist background; however, over the years I found myself drawn to certain areas of mental health, emotional health, and general well-being that people struggle with. As I advanced in my experience, I deliberately found and created opportunities to work with these specific concerns in order to provide the best care, understanding, and expertise I could. Although this does not take away from my general training and appreciation for the vast field of psychology, it does allow me to focus my energy and skills into the areas that are my specialties. Anxiety, life changes, eating disorders, body image, mindfulness, self-esteem, and finding connection are all areas that I have significant experience in and passion for.

"The Time That Leads To Mastery Is Dependent On The Intensity Of Our Focus."

– Robert Greene

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